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                 Hi, I’m Maddie! I have been shopping the secondhand way for my entire life (literally…ask my mom.)  It’s such a fun and cheap way to buy “new” clothes for next to nothing, while going green and helping to save your planet! Whatever secondhand store, whether it be a thrift store (my personal fave,) yardsale, or consignment shop, you can usually find “that style that you were just looking at in designer stores” for dirt cheap!  Take thrift stores for instance; most of the employees who work there do not seem to know much about high fashion designers, so most times they just give a glance at the item of clothing in question and stick a price tag on based on their guess.  This is how you find your fabulous deals!  My first caution is not to get bogged down if it’s your first time and you can’t find anything, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to kill. It takes an experienced eye to find just the right brands, colors, textures, and patterns that you are looking for.  And if you’re thinking “Ewww…Where has this been?” just don’t…honestly…that’s what washing machines are for. 

                 For your first trip, bring a friend!  It may feel it is a little less intimidating to look through racks of seemingly worthless clothing when you’ve got a buddy with you.  You may just find a treasure even on that first trip! 

                 If you have any questions or ideas for articles that you would like to see on my blog, then please feel free to comment on any of my posts! Thanks for reading!

                                                                                                                              Well, good luck with it! Get Shopping! Go Green!


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Think Outside the Box: Lesson 3


When you walk into a thrift store, don’t come in with your mind set on one particular thing unless you’re willing to spend your time most likely going to multiple thrift stores and possibly even then not finding what you are looking for.  Depending on what the object you have in mind is, often you can find something similar to it that needs to be only slightly altered.  And of course always remember to look at home first.  What you’re looking for might be in front of your very eyes.  For example I recently was in need of a bookshelf, so I looked in my attic and found one that we had gotten from a yard sale or something ages ago, picked up some spray paint and transformed it.  An extra bonus that comes with using recycled material is that you can make it more personal and design it exactly the way that you want it.  There are other things besides FURNITURE that you can transform.  CLOTHES!  Try not to concentrate on brand names too much.  Sometimes if you are focused completely on finding “that exact blouse that you saw in that store” , chances are you aren’t going to find it. Also don’t be blinded by the tag.  Just because it has the name of your favorite, most expensive store on it doesn’t mean that you are getting either style or quality.  You have to remember that this stuff is usually used and sometimes old and pilly.  Instead, look at a certain style that you like, then keep that in mind when you are looking.  Don’t get me wrong though, I have had countless great brand name finds…take SHOES ! I am a shoe addict…..especially Converse All Stars….So I understand when something has to be the exact brand name or else…! But even with shoes, you can think of ways to re-decorate them.  Looking for cute wear everywhere all the time tennishoes?  Just find a pair of cheap plain white keds and get a few sharpies and decorate them however you want.  So basically to sum it up, think outside the box!

Well, good luck with it! Get Shopping! Go Green! 

 my bookshelf I fixed up        bookshelf 2        MY BOOK SHELF ❤

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Price Tag Removal: lesson 2

Each thrift store has its own way of marking the price.  Some staple on price tags to the item, some write it on in permanent marker, and some attach a colored tag with a plastic loop.  It’s important to know how to properly remove price tags before you do so.  I have ripped way too many delicate fabrics by tearing off the stapled on price tags, and ruined some of my favorite purchases.  So anyways, ’nuff said, it’s important to know how to remove the price tag! 

PERMANENT MARKER: Thrift stores and yard sales often mark items such as shoes, furniture, and picture frames with permanent marker.  Most times you can simply rub at the price and it will come off quite easily, especially if it is a plastic or metal material.  On other items such as shoes, it can be harder to get the marker off.  Situations like this often call for a cleaner called Goo-Gone.  It usually will do the trick.  Just spray some right on the mark and use an old washcloth to gently scrub away at the stain.  Sometimes this does not work on a few items, and you just have to live with it, but usually it works :).  One thing to watch out for is books.  If they have permanent marker on the front, DO NOT even try to rub it off, because it just smears all over the cover (especially on paperbacks).

STAPLES: Thrift stores usually use these to attach price tags to items of clothing and purses.  DO NOT try to rip these out, as I said in my introduction.  It can tear the cloth and ruin the purchase.  Instead, find the staple and turn it upside down so that the back is showing.  Then, gently peel both sides of the staple up with your fingernail and pull the staple out. 

PLASTIC LOOPS AND STICKERS: These are self explanatory…for the sticker, peel the sticker off (no duuuuuhhhhhh).  For the Plastic Loop, find a pair of scissors and clip it off.

I hope you find these useful when removing your price tags!

Well, good luck with it! Get Shopping! Go Green!

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Dressing Room Dilemmas: Lesson Number 1

In many cases thrift stores won’t have changing rooms.  Before you go stripping off your clothes in front of the whole store, it would be good to know that there are alternative options!

PANTS:  You can simply go to the skirt section, pick out a skirt (it doesn’t have to be gorgeous ladies,)  put it on then slip on the desired pair of pants, shorts, capris, or dungarees underneath.  Then remove the skirt and look at them in a mirror.  Ask the following questions, ” Do I need these pants?”, “Do I really even want these pants?”, ” Do these pants look flattering on me?”, and “Can I bend over without bursting the seams on these pants?”.  After you have thought through these questions and have made your decision, slip the skirt back on, remove the desired pair of pants, and replace them with your own.  Make sure to put the skirt back where you found it if you do not intend to buy it!

SKIRTS:  Slip the skirt on over your pants, then remove the pants from underneath so as to get a more accurate vision of what the skirt will actually look like once you have purchased it.  After you have made sure it is comfortable and cute, make sure it isn’t see through and doesn’t have holes in it.

SWIMWEAR: For swimsuits, it is better to write down and know your size before hand, that way you can just check the size if you find one that you like.  For the truly determined, I suppose for a two piece you could use the skirt method for the bottom and wear a baggy sweatshirt and wiggle your way into the top (but really that’s a little over board).

SHIRTS: Always wear a cami or a tank top underneath what you are wearing when you go to a thrift store.  If you find a shirt that you like, but need to try it on, just take whatever you have on over the cami off and put the shirt on.  Again check for holes, stains, etc…

DRESSES: Another good reason to always wear a cami or a tank top!  Again, simply remove what you have on over the cami and put the dress on, then remove the pants from underneath.  Make sure its not too low and that you have something to wear it to! Then just put your pants back on and you are ready to go!

I hope that these tips are helpful! 

 Well, good luck with it! Get Shopping! Go Green!

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